We Tailor Every Project To The Individual Client's Needs, Budget & Aesthetics


Photo Gallery:   Jeffersonia

Photo Gallery: Jeffersonia

Photo Gallery:   La Condesa

Photo Gallery: La Condesa

Photo Gallery:   2420

Photo Gallery: 2420

Photo Gallery:   As Seen On HGTV

Photo Gallery: As Seen On HGTV

Everything starts with the Vision. Whether you have a strong vision or no vision or somewhere in between it is our job to listen with our ears and our eyes and then translate or create your Vision as appropriate.

You may wish to completely re-imagine your residential or commercial space, start from scratch with raw land or simply add a room or remodel a kitchen or bathroom – we can assist from start to finish. 

For Architects and Designers, we pride ourselves on the ability to understand and execute your plans as you intended them while adhering to the highest standards of quality.

Every property & every client is unique. Our mission is to form a happy alliance between a client’s desires & the property / dwelling / work environment they inhabit.
— John Bertolli


We approach all of our projects with experience / knowledge-based creative problem solving and flexibility, and with a thorough evaluation and employment of the “natural resources” of each project/property.

So what exactly does that mean? 

Creative Problem Solving and flexibility applies to our ability to achieve stellar results for you while navigating within the structure you define.  For instance, let’s say you have Project X, Budget Y, and Desired End Result Z.  In most cases variables affecting the components of this equation will be fluid and require adjustment along the way.  We work creatively and nimbly in order to make sure the equation works and the End Result meets or exceeds your expectations.

Part and parcel to making the equation work is a taking stock of and capitalizing upon the “natural resources” unique to each project. These resources include everything from your talents and capacity to funding options to property specifics such as:

  • Land / Topography
  • Orientation / Exposure
  • Existing Structures
  • Habitat/Ecology
  • Sustainability – Materials, Energy, Water, Landscape, Heating/Cooling
  • Limitations – Spatial, Regulatory, etc.

Notice we put “Limitations” down as a resource, which no doubt seems counterintuitive -- most people don’t like limitations.  Since we approach your project holistically, we would be remiss to exclude limitations….and since we view them as challenges rather than problems, we consider them resources to be mined.  When necessary, we work tirelessly to make lemonade from lemons and pull rabbits out of hats.